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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: Nagas on the Sibsagar frontier
caption: Nagas
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Frontier Affairs
caption: Attempted murder of Raja of Lakrang
medium: reports
person: Monahan/ Mr
location: Banfera Joboka Lakrang Balijan T.G.
date: 1892
date: 1893
text: 27. Three cases occurred of murder committed by Nagas on this side of the Inner Line in connection with inter-tribal feuds. On the 28th April 1892 a Naga belonging to Lakrang chang which is subordinate to the Naga Raja of Joboka was killed by some Nagas of Banfera chang in some jungle on the Balijan grant, in mauza Abbeypur, Sonari outpost, Bortolla thana, near the Inner Line. The feud between the Banfera and Joboka tribes has been going on for a great many years and the minor Lakrang chang, which formerly belonged to Banfera, had been conquered and made subordinate to Joboka. On the date mentioned some Banfera Nagas went out with the intention of killing the Raja of Lakrang, who was going down to the plains with a party of his followers. The Raja, getting wind of their approach, made his escape in a different direction, but one of the Lakrang men who was left behind was attacked and killed by the Banfera party. The body, which was found the next day by some sawyers in the employ of the Balijan tea estate, had a bullet wound in the chest and the head, hands and feet had been cut off. Orders were at once issued to the Banfera Raja to produce for trial the murderers of the Lakrang Naga, but the kotokis through whom the message was sent, failed to deliver it up to the 11th July. They reported that they had been unable to do so as on account of sickness in the Banfera chang the Raja and his people had left it and gone to some jungle on another hill. It transpired afterwards, however, that the kotokis had never attempted to deliver the message and had made false reports to save themselves the trouble of a journey up to the hills in the height of the rainy season. Eventually the message was delivered and on the 26th August a deputation of Nagas sent by the Banfera Raja came down and asked to be allowed time to produce the murderer. They were given till the 15th October and on the 18th October a man was produced as the murderer who, however, on further inquiry, turned out not to be the real culprit but a substitute. Mr. Monahan, the Deputy Commissioner, then suggested that the Banfera Raja should be fined Rs.200 for shielding the real murderers, and the Chief Commissioner directed that a fine of Rs.500 should be imposed. The order was communicated to the Raja and on the 20th March 1893 he sent in by kotokis a sum of Rs.100 and asked for remission of the balance of the fine. The Deputy Commissioner sent the kotokis back to the chang telling them to collect and bring in the rest of the money. Subsequently a message was received from the Banfera Raja to the effect that he was making great endeavours to pay the fine, that he was collecting rubber to sell for the purpose of raising money, and that he had sent his subjects to work as coolies. Mr. Monahan sent word to him to send in at once as much money as had been collected to date. The Raja has since paid in Rs.239- 12 and the balance of the fine has been remitted by the Chief Commissioner.