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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: The trans-Dikhu Tribes
caption: Naga Hills District
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Frontier Affairs
caption: (b) The Mazung etc. group.
medium: reports
person: Davis/ MrWoods/ Mr
ethnicgroup: Mazung
location: Urangkong (Urongkong) Mazungjami Mongsenyimti (Mongsemdi) Yungya (Yangia) Yacham (Yajim) Yang Khulen (Yang)
date: 1892
date: 1893
text: With the exception of Urongkong, our relations have been very friendly with all the villages of these tribes. The Deputy Commissioner was well received at Mazungjami by all the khels and the surrounding villages came in and paid their salaams. Report was received that the khels of Mazungjami have again been quarrelling and that one or two heads had changed hands. Both sides came into Mongsemdi to report to the subdivisional officer, Mokokchang, and ask for assistance, but of course he could give them nothing but advice. The Deputy Commissioner some short time after he had visited and burnt it, heard that Urongkong had made a raid on the village of Yangia and had killed and taken away the heads of eight men whom they caught in their fields. This, they say, was done in revenge for Yangia having supplied the Deputy Commissioner with coolies when Urongkong refused and also that Urongkong thought that Yangia had assisted the Deputy Commissioner in burning Urongkong. The Deputy Commissioner proposed to undertake an expedition against Urongkong during next cold weather, but the Chief Commissioner did not consider that a sufficiently strong case had been made out for such an undertaking in the trans-Dikhu area which is not under our political control. In August 1892 it was reported that a man of Yajim had been killed by some men of Yang. Both parties came in and met Mr. Davis and Captain Woods at Santong on the 11th August when Mr. Davis heard the case and fined Yang four mithan.