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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: Naga Hills district
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Frontier Affairs
caption: The Eastern Angamis
medium: reports
keywords: smallpox
person: Woods/ Capt.
ethnicgroup: Angami <EasternKacha Naga
location: Chezumi (Chajubama) Kohima Razama (Razami) Mekribami Lazami (Lozema) Sathazumi (Satazumi) Khonoma Meluri (Melomi) Sohemi Kiza-Re (Temimi)
date: 1893
date: 1894
text: 25. With the exception of the village of Chajubama, which was taken into the revenue-paying area during the year, the boundaries remained the same as last year. The Deputy Commissioner made two tours in this area - one in August 1893 and one in January and February 1894. All the villages within this area supplied rice at Kohima for the Military Police when the Lhota supply ran out during the rains. They also supplied labour for work on the cart road between Kohima and Khuzama. In September 1893 there was a quarrel between the village of Razami and the Manipur Naga villages of Mekribami. Mekribama accused the Razami men of having stolen some of their dhan from Razami, which they did. The Razami people said that they were going to Mekribami to settle the matter, when the Mekribami men turned out and attacked them on the road. There was a fight with the result that both sides had a man killed and some four or five wounded. The matter was under enquiry by the Political Agent in Manipur at the end of the year. When visiting Razami, the Deputy Commissioner, Naga Hills, fined the village Rs.200 for not reporting the quarrel at Kohima at once, but no enquiry was made into the cause of the fight as the Political Agent had already taken up the case. The only other serious case in the area was one in which a Lozema trader was supposed to have been murdered by men of Satazumi. When touring through this area, Captain Woods found over 50 unlicensed guns. The owners stated in most cases that they had purchased these guns from Manipur territory and further enquiry was to be made into the matter. On the Henima side Kukis daily wander into the district with guns and the Deputy Commissioner has reason to suspect that Khonoma and other villages keep their unlicensed guns in the Manipur side in Kacha Naga villages. A number of guns were seized amongst the Kacha Nagas, the men saying that they purchased them from across the border. The question as to what restrictions should be imposed on the possession of arms on the Manipur border is under the consideration of the Chief Commissioner in communication with the Political Agent of the State.
text: Small-pox was prevalent in this area. During his last tour, Captain Woods vaccinated about 1,000 people, mostly Eastern Angamis. He visited the naked villages of Melomi and Sohemi and also the village of Temimi during his tour in February. The people of all these villages were very friendly. Two fresh heads were seen outside the village of Melomi, but the village being out of British territory, no action could be taken. The Somra group of villages are greatly feared on that side and yearly take a number of heads.