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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: Naga Hills district
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Frontier Affairs
caption: Arms Act
medium: reports
date: 1895
date: 1896
text: 63. The following statement shows the number of gun licences held for the year, and the class of persons by which they were held
text: ---------------------------------------------------------- ----
Angami___|_Lhota___|Kacha____|Kuki_____|Mikirs_etc.|_A o______|
------------------------------------------------------ --------
new_|r'nd|new_|r'nd|new_|r'nd|new_|r'nd|new_|r'nd__|ne w_|r'nd|
------------------------------------------------------ --------
2___|450_|-___|22__|-___|67__|1___|110_|19__|397___|4_ __|6___|
------------------------------------------------------ --------
text: -------------------------------
text: In the previous years, there were 1,067 licenses in force, and 122 licences which were not renewed by the licensees. In 1895, 1,105 licenses were renewed, 18 licenses remained unrenewed at the close of the year, and the remainder were cancelled for failure to renew within the specified time. Twenty-six new licenses were issued, most of them being granted to persons migrating from other districts, where they had already taken out a license. There were 7 cases under the Arms Act, against 35 in the previous year.
text: The following statement shows the number of coolies impressed during the last five years at headquarters for the different departments:
text: _Name_of_Department_________1891-92__1892-93__1893-94__1894-95__1895-96
text: There was a large decrease in the number of coolies impressed for the Public Works Department, the Executive Engineer having been able to do all his work with free labour since the amalgamation of the two divisions of the Manipur-Nichuguard road and the Naga Hills.