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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: Nagas
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Frontier Affairs
caption: Nagas on the Sibsagar frontier
medium: reports
location: Jabaka Cherideo Sangnyu (Changnoi) Sonari Kolaburi
date: 1898
date: 1899
text: 59. One one visit of courtesy, accompanied as usual by a present of two goats, was paid from the Jabaka Chang.
text: The military police guard which was established at Cherideo garden in 1895-96 in consequence of the burning of a godown which was suspected to be the work of Nagas using the Tiru path, was removed during the year under report as being no longer required for the public security.
text: No cases either under the Penal Code or the Excise and Opium laws were reported against the Nagas during the year under report. The Assistant Commissioner, Jorhat, reports that in April 1898 a number of Naga villages (Khari, Chutia, Dibus, Mungzam, Lakhua, Likam, Aliba) lodged a complaint before the Subdivisional Officer of Mokokchang that when they visited the Debrapar hat for trade, they were "ill-treated by the Hat-khoa and three other Musalmans" (names unknown) who threw away some of their articles brought for sale. The 'hat' is a private one and is held on the garden every Sunday. The manager who was requested to enquire and report on the alleged oppression, found that on several occasions some Musalmans of Pirakata village had ill-treated the Nagas and given them cause for complaint, but as the real offenders were not traced, no action could be taken. The manager was, however, requested to exclude in future from the hat the people who were found to give trouble to the Nagas when they visited the hat for trade.
text: In the sadr subdivision the only incident that came to notice was the following: Early in November the Jabaka Nagas complained that the men of the Changnoi Chang, which lies beyond them, had raided their village at night and carried off about a hundred of its inhabitants. On visiting Sonari in December last, the Deputy Commissioner of Sibsagar interviewed the Jabaka Nagas on the subject. It appeared that the people who had been taken away to the Changnoi Chang originally had come from there and made a settlement called Kolaburi under the protection of the Jabaka Raja, when some years ago something in the nature of a revolution occurred and the reigning Raja of Changnoi Chang was deposed and driven out. The Deputy Commissioner warned the Jabaka Raja against commencing hostilities, but told him that he was justified in not allowing the Changnoi men to pass through his territory, by which lies their shortest route to the plains. The Changnoi Chang being very much the weaker of the two, is not likely to act on the aggressive and no further complications were anticipated.