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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: Nagas on the Lakhimpur frontier
caption: Nagas on the Lakhimpur and Sibsagar Frontier
caption: Section 2. Relations with Tributary States and Frontier Affairs
caption: coolies; kidnapping
medium: reports
location: Yogli Powai T.G. Saru Lungchang
date: 1900
date: 1901
text: 56. The behaviour of these Nagas was generally good throughout the year. A coolie of the Assam Railways and Trading Company, who had run away to the Yogli Naga village, was recovered through the effort of the headman of Bor Lungchang village. A coolie woman of the Powai garden, who was kidnapped by two Nagas of the Saru Lungchang village, about 3 miles away from the Makum garden, was also recovered and handed over to the manager. After the recovery of the woman, the culprits were sent for to explain their conduct, but disobeyed the Deputy Commissioner's summons. In the middle of March 1900, the Deputy Commissioner visited the Saru Lunchang village, but found that the two men wanted had left before his arrival. He accordingly destroyed their houses, and warned the headman that another such outrage would lead to the destruction of the entire village. The Deputy Commissioner was informed that this tour beyond the Inner Line should not have been undertaken without the Chief Commissioner's sanction.