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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: frontier tribes
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Frontier Affairs
caption: Naga Hills
medium: reports
location: Sampurre (Thachumi) Purruto Sangpurr (Sangpur) Panso Chingmei Tuensang Nangrikong Yacham Phomching Shothumi Holongbu Kumangchi Mutan (Chopnyu) Nakphan (Nokphang)
date: 1927
date: 1928
text: 16. The administered district was quiet throughout the year. In the area under loose political control there were the usual petty wars on the eastern side of it. Thachumi carried on reciprocal raids with Purruto and each village succeeded in partially burning the other but very few lives were lost. Sangpur and Panso carried on desultory raiding as usual; Panso made peace with Chingmei and used the opportunity thus afforded to kill three of them. Tuensang had four men killed in riots within the village. On the western side of this area Nongtikong village was cut up by Yacham, lost a dozen heads and re- united with its parent village Phomching, while two traders from Shothumi were killed at the Sangtam village of Kolongbu at the instigation of Changs of Kumangchi. All the parties concerned wished the Subdivisional Officer of Mokokchung to intervene, and he settled the affair on a basis of monetary compensation. No cases of carrying off prisoners for sale were reported. There have been the usual occasional thefts and ganja smuggling cases for which the Nagas bordering on the Sibsagar district were responsible; a Naga for an interior village was killed by them where returning home from the plains, and on one occasion a Naga force armed with spears enforced a 'hartal' on a Sunday 'hat' but they had a genuine grievance in the refusal to repay the purchase money or deliver the goods to the Nagas purchaser, on the part of a Sylheti shop-keeper who lived in that place. When the cause was removed the trouble ceased. The Deputy Commissioner visited this area in the cold weather with the Subdivisional Officer and an escort of 50 rifles, admonished the promoters of the 'hartal', punished half-a-dozen thieves, recovered a gun stolen in Lakhimpur and sold to one of these Nagas, and forbade the Ang of Chopnyu's forcible abduction of concubines from Nokphang on the outer range.