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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: Frontier Tribes
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Frontier Affairs
caption: Naga Hills
medium: reports
person: Kangsho khel/ TuensangGaidiliuJadonang
ethnicgroup: YimtsungrSemaChangKonyakSangtam
location: Huchirr Iyiche Tsukohomi Cheshorr Phesami Yazathu Naksho Tuensang Rusa Nakphan (Nokphan) Yungya Kamahu Chin Chinglong Totok Rishetsu Honronre (Honroure) Bopungwemi
date: 1931
date: 1932
text: 16. The cis-Patkoi administered Naga Villages which in the previous year were found to have performed or been concerned in human sacrifices were adequately punished.
text: No transfrontier tour in the east of the Naga Hills was undertaken during the year.
text: There were some trouble in the political control area. The theft of a mithan led to a war between the Cheshorr confederacy of the Yimtsungr tribe and th Gwovishe confederacy of the Sema tribe. The owner of the mithan, a man of Huchirr went with a party to look for the mithan at Iyiche, a Sema village of the Gwovishe confederacy. The thief tried to spear a man of the Huchirr party, who thought they were being attacked and killed seven persons of Iyiche. The dispute was localised and little harm was done subsequently by either side. Tsukohomi attacked one Cheshorr man on neutral ground. The instigator was punished by Government for this. Huchirr took a head in return from Iyiche. Phesami attacked Huchirr and lost two heads. Later Yazathu, Phesami and Tsukohomi attacked Cheshorr and lost one head. Finally Huchirr attacked Iyiche and lost two heads. The readiness of villages to defend themselves and the persistent loss of heads by the attackers has had an excellent effect and there has been no fighting for some months. The Changs were peaceful. There was only one incident. The Kangsho Khel of Tuensang raided Naksho and carried off five women whom they held to ransom. The Subdivisional Officer intervened. He had the women returned and the matter was amicably settled. The Konyaks were not more restless than usual. The Ang of Rusa made one of his periodical demands for a concubine from Nokphan. The girl was given sanctuary in British territory. Two men of Yungya killed a boy of Kamahu in a private feud. The offenders were fined and the gun confiscated and broken up. Changwe killed a man of Shuwa by mistake for a man of Nian. The Ang of Chin has been urging Chinglong to pick a quarrel with Totok. Action taken has been successful in stopping this for the present. Except for a quarrel regarding mithan between Rishetsu and its own colony Honroure, the Southern Sangtams were quiet. Rishetsu killed one Honroure man. The Northern Sangtams were peaceful throughout the year.
text: There was a recrudescence of the unrest among the Kacha Nagas which it was hoped had ended with the execution of Jadonang in the Manipur State. His companion, a girl named Gaidiliu took his place. Tension between Kacha Nagas and Kukis became acute. It was necessary to burn Bopungwemi for persistent agitation and defiance - the first British village to be burnt in this area for many years. The agitation was located in the three jurisdictions of Manipur, the North Cachar Hills and the Naga Hills.
text: The behaviour of the Nagas bordering on the Sibsagar district continued to be good.