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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: Frontier Tribes
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Frontier Affairs
caption: Naga Hills
medium: reports
person: Gaidiliu
ethnicgroup: KonyakSangtam <NorthernSangtam <SouthernSemaChangKacha
location: Sowa Totok Mongnyu Mon Nian Nian (Ngang) Changwe Longmien Choha Ngangching Yungya Hukpong Urangkong Pomching Tobu Tuensang Hakchang Aichikuchumi Honpu Rishetsu Honronre (Honroure) Kiphire Sampurre Longmatrarre Chomi
date: 1932
date: 1933
text: 16. The Konyaks in the control area were very restless. Sowa were fined Rs. 100 for refusing to come in and explain why they joined Totok in an abortive raid on Mongnyu. The Ang of Mon attempted to embroil British subjects in a war with Chen. Yungya were fined for killing a hostage from Nian and Sowa for buying and killing a thief. The old quarrel between Ngang and Changwe broke out and Longmien and Choha, and later Ngangching joined in on the side of Ngang. Yungya took one head from Hukpong and Urangkong and Pomching each took one from the other. Totok and Chongnyu attacked Angphang and each side lost one killed. Home-made guns and ammunition easily bought from license holders in the plans were freely used on these raids. Government has now passed definite orders forbidding the use of guns in raids in the control area.
text: The Northern Sangtams were well behaved. The Changs were quiet. The immemorial feud between Tobu and Tuensang continued. Hakchang joined in and took a Tuensang head and Tuensang took one in return from Hakchang.
text: The Semas were fairly quiet. Aichikuchumi killed three Honpu men who unwisely boasted of the Sema heads they had taken in the past. A mixed Sema and Southern Sangtam force interfered on the side of Honroure in a desultory war between that village and Rishetsu. They did no damage and lost 8 killed. The war was settled by arbitration.
text: The Southern Sangtams were restless. Besides the war between Honroure and Rishetsu one began between Kiphire and Sampurre. Longmatrarre, long at peace, were raided by Chomi from beyond the control area and lost 4 heads.
text: The policy of more selective interference initiated last year again proved of value. Casualties on raids were very small as villages were on the qui vive and the force which tried to raid Rishetsu learnt the results to be expected from attacking a village in a state of defence.
text: The unrest amongst the Kacha Nagas ended with the arrest of Gaidiliu in October 1932.
text: The behaviour of the Nagas bordering on the Sibsagar district continued to be good.