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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: Frontier Tribes
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Frontier Affairs
caption: Naga Hills
medium: reports
person: Inaho/ of MelahomiLambert/ MrJadunangGaidiliu
ethnicgroup: KachaYimsungrSemaKalyokengyuKonyak
location: Lakema Intuma Bopungwemi Chomi (Choemi) Laruri Primi (Akhegwo) Cheshorr Huchirr Sotokorr Aiyepungr Iyiche Koibatomi Shothumi (Shotumi) Aichikuchumi Melahomi Ngozubomi Bhitar Namsang Yang Khulen (Yang) Sangnyu Charaideo
date: 1934
date: 1935
text: 15. In administered territory there was no serious disturbance. On the surface the Kacha Nagas were quiet, but occasional ceremonies were performed in connection with the Jadonang-Gaidiliu cult. Two new seers appeared both of whom were wanted in connection with the Lakema murders, and one of them persuaded an Intuma girl to run away with him. It was feared that the latter might be introduced to the Kacha Nagas as Gaidiliu's successor. The tension between the Kukis and Kacha Nagas still remained and an outpost had to be maintained in the Kacha Naga country throughout the year. It is now situated at Bopungwemi, one of the most recalcitrant villages.
text: Across the frontier, the village of Choemi raided the fields of the British village, Laruri, owing to the latter not having paid tribute as demanded by the former, and did considerable damage to the standing crops. They also laid an ambush for the British village of Akhegwo. Choemi was visited by a column in March and satisfactory retribution exacted. The house of the leader of the raiding party was demolished by the villagers themselves. During this important tour several new villages were visited and friendly relations established. The Sema Yimsungr war continued, the Sema apparently getting the worst of it. A confederacy of Yimsung villages,. Cheshorr, Huchirr, Sotokorr and Aiyepungr, completely destroyed the small Sema village of Iyiche, taking the heads of the Chief and his wife and six others. Cheshorr attacked Koibatomi, a small Sema village, and possessed themselves of one head, and then attacked Shotumi and Aichikuchumi, taking three heads. Inaho, chief of the Sema village Melahomi, then engineered a pretty piece of treachery. He got a Yimsungr of Ngozubomi to call Huchirr to their village to collect a bride-price. An ambush was then arranged by Melahomi and Inaho gave his red cloth to his best friend to bring back a Yimsungr head in. Huchirr smelt a rat and sent some men of Aiyepungr on in front while they followed up behind. Aiyepungr fell in to the trap and lost two killed. Huchirr coming up joined in the fight and very appropriately succeeded in taking the head of Inaho's friend and carried it away in the red cloth. In the latter part of the year the Deputy Commissioner undertook a tour in the Kalyokengyu-Yimsung transfrontier country with an escort consisting of an Assistant Commandant, 1 Indian Officer and 1 platoon of Assam Rifles. The tour was peaceful and the party were received in friendly fashion everywhere. The Charaideo murder case in which five Nagas had been cut up by a mad Konyak ended in the acquittal of the accused. Relations with tea gardens in the plains were good on the whole.
text: Nothing was seen of the Nagas bordering on the Sibsagar district during the year until Mr Lambert, Subdivisional Officer, Mokokchung, went to Bhitar Namsang to go into the question of settlement there; Yang (Joboka) and Sangnyu could not come to any agreement as regards the ownership of this land.