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published - extracts on Nagas from 'Assam Administration Report'

caption: Frontier Tribes
caption: Relations with Tributary States and Frontier Affairs
caption: Naga Hills
medium: reports
person: DikeoSakhalu/ of PuratomiLambert/ Mr
ethnicgroup: KachaKukiYimsungrSemaChangKonyak
location: Lakema Henima Puratomi Pangsha Yimpang Ponyo (Himbu) Saochu Yali Yacham Bhitar Namsang Joboka Sangnyu Hangka
date: 1935
date: 1936
text: 15. The situation in the Kacha Nagas country remained satisfactory. Dikeo, who was involved in the Lakema murder case still evaded capture. Henima village showed their spite against loyal Kukis by refusing them land for cultivation. In the control area the Seams were quiet. The northern villages were at war with their Yimsungr neighbours, but no fighting of importance took place, In the south, Sakhalu, chief of Puratomi in the Tribal area, maintained his truculent attitude towards his neighbours, who in exasperation, soon after the end of the year, killed him and broke up his village. Very serious raiding, led by the village Pangsha in the Tribal area, took place to the east of the Chang country. Pangshar and Yimpang destroyed the small village of Kejuk, taking about 50 heads and one captive. Later Pangsha, with others which included the Burma village of Himbu, destroyed Saochu, taking about 120 heads and six captives. A punitive expedition was sent against them in November 1936, and has returned after burning Pangsha and inflicting punishment.
text: Two small parties from the hostile villages of Yali and Yacham met on British territory near Changtongia in the Ao country, and one Yacham man was killed in self defence. The guilty have been punished.
text: In the Konyak country the war between Totok and Chi was stopped by orders of the Government. Mr Lambert while on duty in the cold weather with the Triangulation Survey party was able to visit some of the northern Konyak villages.
text: After Bhitar Namsang was annexed by the Government, the Subdivisional Officer of Mokokchung visited it in January last with a view to settle the question of the ownership of the land. The chiefs of Joboka, Sangnyu and Hangka met him and after a conference amicably settled their differences.
text: Relations with the tea gardens were good