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book : 'Konyak Nagas' by Christoph von Furer-Haimendorf, (1969)

caption: Chapter Two. The Social Structure and its Units
caption: rights in tributary villages to land
medium: books
ethnicgroup: Konyak
location: Wakching Oting Lunglan
person: Furer-Haimendorf/ C.
date: 1969
refnum: with permission from Holt, Rinehart & Winston, New York43:1
text: The Oukheang men received these payments not so much for their protection, which in the 1930s was no longer necessary, and which in any case must and the tributary villages, but in consideration of their rights to the land occupied. The Oukheang men were considered the "owners" of the land, and were therefore entitled to receive tribute from those living on it. As the distance from Wakching to Oting is 11 miles, and to Lunglan 15 miles, the Oukheang men admitted that they had never been able to cultivate the land. Yet, the land was theirs, and they insisted that their permission had to be asked before these villages could be established.