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book : Return to the Naked Nagas (1939;1976)

caption: Chapter Nine. The Girls' Club of Punkhung
caption: continue with march
medium: books
ethnicgroup: Konyak
person: Furer-Haimendorf
date: 6.1936-6.1937
text: Slightly drier, we continued our march on a much better path, running straight along the ridge. The loads had been taken over by the Tanhai people and the Wakching boys had gone home. Quite near Punkhung, the Ang and a gaonbura waited for me on the path. They had erected a shelter of palm leaves, and entertained us with rice-beer and bananas. Together we climbed the steps, cut in the rock leading up to the village, and entered it near the upper morung that stands in a splendid strategical position, isolated on a little hill. More stone steps led down to the houses of the village.