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book - 'Naga Path', by Ursula Graham Bower, published John Murray 1950

caption: Chapter two. Solo Flight
caption: decision to learn anthropology and to film; contacts J.H. Hutton and Hodson
medium: books
person: Hutton/ J.H.Hodson
person: Graham Bower/ Ursula
text: Here was my chance, and it was up to me to use it. I should be going through country where very few people went and there was no point in traveling aimlessly and wasting time and films on casual pictures. I must concentrate on something, and as I was interested in the tribes the obvious field was anthropology. I knew nothing at all about it and I had no training, but I felt that there might be some worthwhile work simple enough for a layman to tackle. So I wrote to Professor J. H. Hutton at Cambridge, to Professor (15) Hodson, to the Pitt-Rivers Museum at Oxford, and elsewhere, and I found that there was. Very little photography had been done in the Manipur hills, and there were many technical processes, brass-casting, weaving, pottery-making and the like, described by trained observers but not yet pictured. Good sets of still photographs illustrating these, or better, cine-films, would be welcomed.