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book - 'Naga Path', by Ursula Graham Bower, published John Murray 1950

caption: Chapter five. Change of Course
caption: Gaidiliu's followers take revenge
medium: books
person: MasangGhumeoDikheoGaidiliu
person: Graham Bower/ Ursula
text: But it wasn't quite over yet. Her intimates had escaped the raid - Masang, Ghumeo and Dikheo, to name but three - and one night Dikheo, with thirteen others of whom Masang was one, went to take revenge on the Lakema caretaker. They didn't find him, as he had gone to Kohima to collect his pay; but they found his wife and children in the rest-house (49) lines. They strangled them all and then set fire to the house.
text: When I reached Haflong eight years later only Dikheo was still at large. Ghumeo had been captured; Masang had done six months and had been released. But before Gaidiliu was arrested she had told Masang and the rest that even if she were caught it would not matter; the Government would imprison only her simulacrum and her real and divine self would be safe elsewhere, to return in the course of time in such a shape that her enemies would never know her and only the faithful could recognize her. Masang had not forgotten. After all those years he was still looking for her reincarnation.
text: I didn't know it at the time, but he found it in me.