The Nagas

Hill Peoples of Northeast India

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text: 1. Accurate figures in this connection are difficult to obtain. Those given here and in Chapter One are based on the results of the 1941 census as supplies by the Subdivisional Officer, Haflong. In the Census of India for 1941, as published, the figures for the North Cachar Hills are merged in all relevant tables with those for the densely-populated plains of Cachar, and are quite worthless. In the census of 1931 Lyengmai and Nzemi- speakers are lumped together, the total being 19,754. Kabui- speakers are listed separately and number 18,475. In the 1921 census Zemi or Nzemi-speakers are given as 3,339, the Lyengmai are omitted and Kabui-speakers are stated to number 15,647; there is no clue as to which Nzemi are here referred to or how the remainder were enumerated. In 1911 'Empeo or Kachcha Nagas' are given as 8,000 and the Kabui as 17,000, figures which are evidently approximations. Such statistics as are available for the Nzemi area will be found listed in Appendix B.