The Nagas

Hill Peoples of Northeast India

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text: 2. See J.H.Hutton, "A Negrito Substratum in the Population of Assam", Man in India, 1927, p.258. Angami migration traditions relate that the Angami immigrants found in the present Angami country a people whose dress and customs closely resembled those of the present Konyaks. In this connection it may be added that it is perfectly true that ulotrichy occurs among the Nzemi to a noticeable degree, but that it it is still an open question how far this ancient stock displaced by the Angamis was composed of elements of Negrito origin. For an informal account of Negrito types among the Central Nzemi and traditions of a Negrito tribe in this area, see my forthcoming Naga Path (John Murray), pp. 121-9.