The Nagas

Hill Peoples of Northeast India

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  1. manuscript - H.H. Godwin-Austen, Journal of a Tour in Assam, 26th November 1872 to 15th April 1873
    Thomson Royal Geographical Society, London Siruhi (Shiroi) Laniye R. (Lanier R.) 1872-11-26:1873-04-04 tours Next to Shiroi Godwin-Austen H.H. Previous Tangkol 43 to Shiroi tours Thomson Tangkol Siruhi (Shiroi) Laniye R. (Lanier R.) 1873-03-29:1873-03-29 Godwin-Austen H.H. 1872-11-26:1873-04-04 ..
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  2. printed - Tour Diary of the Deputy Commissioner for 1873 (John Butler) volume three
    Thongal Major 1873-02-17:1873-04-11 Laniye R. (Lanier R.) Siruhi (Shiroi) Next to Shiroi where everyone bolted; limit of Manipuri rule tours Thongal Major Laniye R. (Lanier R.) Siruhi (Shiroi) 1873-03-29:1873-03-29 Butler 1873-02-17:1873-04-11 inaccurate spelling in the original text 29th March. A ..
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