The Nagas

Hill Peoples of Northeast India

Project Introduction The Naga Database
  1. colour photographs of Naga artefacts from various sources
    .. Kuzama village (on the way to Mao). artefacts Angami Dzuno-Kemena Khuzama (Kuzama) error Angami (Dzuno-Kemena) Khuzama (Kuzama) 5:..jpg gift Khuzama (Kuzama) 1923...174 Khuzama (Kuzama) Hutton J...
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  2. typescript - J.H. Hutton's tour diary in the Naga Hills
    Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford Unwanted pregnancy of a mentally retarded girl at Jakhama; fear of infanticide tours seduction illegitimacy taboo paternity Yarre Zhotose Putsonu Angami Zhakhama (Jakhama) Khuzama (Kuzama) Kohima 1923-08-10:.. Box 2 Zhakhama (Jakhama) Khuzama (Kuzama) Kohima ..
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