The Nagas

Hill Peoples of Northeast India

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  1. typescript - J.H. Hutton's tour diary in the Naga Hills
    .. Oxford Kohima Phesama Pfuchama (Puchama) Next 1925-07-23:.. Previous 8 Details of exemptions from taxation at Puchama tours Melhukse of Puchama Tolhule of Puchama Ketsonye of Puchama Nipuvile of Puchama Zeheli of Puchama Rakwell of Puchama Nuputsuli of Puchama Krulhule of Puchama Zasilhule of ..
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  2. manuscript - 'Diary of a Tour in the Naga Hills, 1922-1923' by Henry Balfour
    Jantha Nihu Hutton J.H. Pitt Rivers Museum Archive, Oxford Dimapur Pfuchama (Puchama) Kohima 1922-01-01:1923-12-31 diaries Next Successful killing of leopard Balfour Henry Previous Angami Sema 11 Successful killing of leopard diaries Jantha Nihu Hutton J... Angami Sema Dimapur Pfuchama (Puchama) ..
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  3. printed - tour diary of the Deputy Commissioner of the Naga Hills for the year 1870-1872 (John Butler) volume two
    1870-11-22:1873-02-17 Pfuchama (Puchama) Kohima Next difficulty obtaining coolies highlights problem of passive resistance which may make it necessary to assume direct control; to Kohima tours Pfuchama (Puchama) Kohima 1871-01-09:..
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